3 Important Reasons To Get A Colonoscopy

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As individuals age, their bodies become more susceptible to injuries and diseases. Some conditions can be treated successfully in time. This is why it is important for individuals to schedule their annual physicals. It is possible for individuals to have certain diseases and look and feel healthy. Colon cancer is an example of a disease that can be treated if it is discovered in time. Some individuals have a higher risk for this cancer due to their family histories. Others have a higher risk due to their age. A colonoscopy procedure is used to determine if cancer is present. It can also identify cancer risks such as polyps, which can later develop into the disease. The following points identify the best reasons to get this procedure.

Discover Other Gastrointestinal Issues

The colon is a part of the gastrointestinal system. Some individuals have signs that are associated with colon cancer. Bloody stools are associated with this disease. They might also discover an issue such as a colon blockage. This requires surgical intervention to remove the blockage because eventually, an individual will be unable to pass stool.

Doctors use advanced techniques to determine what is causing issues that could be cancer. A scope is used to look inside the colon, and a biopsy is used to take tissue samples. The samples determine if there are cancerous cells. In the early stages, the disease can be treated. However, this is an aggressive disease that can spread rapidly. 

Lower Risk

If polyps are discovered during a colonoscopy procedure, doctors remove them. This reduces the colon cancer risks. Polyps are likely not to be painful, but they may contain precancerous cells. Individuals will not know that they have them without a screening. If they wait until having signs that there is an issue, it is likely to be too late. Advanced colon cancer is difficult or impossible to treat. 

Possibly Live Longer

There are a variety of diseases and conditions that can lead to death as individuals get older. Routine colon procedures reduce the chances of an individual being a statistic due to this potentially fatal disease. 

Doctors can determine when individuals need to start routine colonoscopy procedures. Their advice can save lives. The procedure is considered painless because individuals get sedation during a colonoscopy. They can offer advice on lifestyle choices that can lower the risk of colon cancer such as not using tobacco products and having a high-fiber diet.

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