Avoid Difficulty Sleeping At A Sleep Clinic With The Right Preparation

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Staying at a sleep clinic may be necessary if you've been having trouble sleeping or have suspensions that you're experiencing poor-quality sleep. If you're eager to get this health concern addressed, you'll need to know what to expect from visiting a sleep clinic. 

If you take a long time to fall asleep, it makes sense to prepare with this possibility in mind. Knowing what to look for as you prepare to stay at a sleep clinic can ensure that your visit goes much smoother. 

Schedule Your Appointment for the Right Time

While it's typical to schedule a sleep study in the evening, you need to consider your natural bedtime. It can be problematic to schedule a sleep study hours before you typically fall asleep. This can lead to difficulty falling asleep or your sleep quality being different than usual.

When you schedule your appointment, it's wise to choose a time slot that's as similar to your sleep schedule. This effort will ensure that you'll get the most accurate results for the study and can make improvements to your routine with the advice of a doctor. 

Keep Caffeine and Medication in Mind 

If you're concerned that falling asleep at your appointment will be difficult, it's best to avoid drinking caffeine beforehand. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends avoiding caffeine anytime after 6 hours before your bedtime. Along with avoiding caffeine, consider any other medications that affect how awake you are. Stimulants used to treat ADHD are just one example of a medication that the doctor performing your sleep study needs to be informed of. 

While it makes sense to provide the doctor with information about all the medications you take, you also need to discuss whether it's best to avoid some medications or not due to how they can influence the results. 

Prevent Oversleeping the Morning of Your Visit 

An essential part of getting accurate results for the sleep study is to avoid oversleeping on the morning of your appointment. Getting too much sleep that night can lead to challenges in falling asleep during the study, as well as different results for your sleep study.

Visiting a clinic for a sleep study can be a fantastic option for resolving any challenges with sleeping. If you have concerns regarding falling asleep and what the sleep study will say about your sleep patterns, the above tips can ensure that the study goes smoothly and that you won't run into issues lying awake during your visit. For more information, contact a sleep clinic such as Elkview General Hospital.