Feeling Down And Unmotivated? You May Be Dealing With Depression

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Feeling down and unmotivated for a short time is normal for many people, but if you have been feeling this way for a long time then you may be dealing with depression. If so, there is help available for you. Below are two professionals you can see to get the treatment you need so you can get started on your journey to feeling better. 

See a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist can help you with your depression by prescribing medications. Often, they will prescribe you an anti-depressant. The psychiatrist will first speak with you to help them determine if you are dealing with depression. This is because other things can cause you to have these same symptoms. For example, bipolar disorder can cause you to have extreme downs but also ups. If you feel down much of the time but then suddenly feel like you have energy and feel better for a time, then bipolar disorder may be considered.

The estrogen hormone plays a big role in your moods and if you are low on estrogen this can make you feel depressed. Low estrogen is often due to menopause as the estrogen levels can drop drastically. In a case like this, the psychiatrist may refer you to a gynecologist to have your hormone levels checked and then receive treatment from this doctor, such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

See a Psychologist

Another professional you should consider seeing is a psychologist. In many cases, combining both professionals are beneficial. This is because a psychologist cannot prescribe medications. Instead, they offer different types of therapy. One common therapy is known as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). With this type you will learn to determine the negative thoughts you have throughout a day. The psychologist may ask you to write these things down, such as in a journal. Once you determine this information the psychologist will help you learn new ways of thinking, such as turning negatives into positives. This will help improve your mood and lift your depression. 

The psychologist may ask you to come in weekly or more often depending on how severe your depression is. They will talk to you about your life, your goals, and your relationships to help them determine if there is a cause of your depression. This is because in some cases depression comes out of nowhere and there is no cause of it.

The psychiatrist and psychologist can give you much more information on how they can treat you. For more information, contact a psychiatrist service