Reasons For Gas Pains

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Gas pains are all too common for people of any age. If you have experienced that familiar pain in your stomach related to digestion, you know well how difficult it can be to function with these pains.

First, you should know what gas pains feel like. Gas pains may come with bloating and burning in the stomach. Along with pain, you may also experience flatulence and burping. You might feel a sharp pain or a dull pain, but either way it will make you uncomfortable.

Are you dealing with gas pains? These are some the reasons why this might be the case.

Activity During Meals

Anything that allows air to enter the body is going to make digestion more difficult. If you are up and walking around during your meals, you are more likely to experience gas pains. You should sit down and avoid taking in more air while you are chewing and swallowing food.

High-Fiber Diet

A diet that is high in fiber can lead to gas. While fiber is great for you, it can make you gassy. It is important to get a lot of fiber, but you also need to be aware of what you are eating so that you can take medications or make adjustments as necessary.

High-Fat Diet

Like fiber, fat can also lead to gas pains. A diet that is high in fat can make you gassy and uncomfortable, so you should talk to your doctor about lowering your fat intake.

Certain Proteins

Certain types of proteins may not sit well with your body. Like fiber, protein is very good for you. In large quantities and in certain qualities, protein can impact your digestive system, making you feel a bit of pain. You may need to change the way in which you eat certain proteins to eliminate the pain.

Sodas and Juices

Juice and soda are common contributors to gas pains. You may need to slow down on the carbonated drinks and juice. Carbonation can really cause a lot of stomach disruption, leading you to see a doctor without considering the relationship between the two.

See Your Doctor About Ongoing Gas Pains

Your doctor can help you deal with these gas pains. Make an appointment with a medical clinic today to learn more about improving gas pains. Your doctor may be able to recommend medications and lifestyle changes that can help to eliminate pains completely.