Choosing Mobility Scooters: Six Considerations

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When getting around becomes more challenging than enjoyable, mobility scooters can help. Scooters, like other vehicles, must be researched and evaluated before purchase; the wrong scooter could make mobility even tougher. What scooter considerations are important?


Your decisions must revolve around how you'll use the scooter and, even more importantly, where it will be used. If you're just trying to zip around your home, you may want a small model with three wheels; such scooters handle sharp corners well, which you'll need when moving about in a single room or trying to get to another one. If you'll be operating the scooter publicly, however, four wheels will give you a more stable ride, making it less likely that the scooter will be knocked over by others.


When considering the places where you'll be moving around, you'll also want to consider scooter accessories. Ensure there are drink holders, baskets for canes or snacks and other accessories which can be cheaply bought and easily installed or attached. If you'll be in the scooter after sunset, you should also consider lights.

Tire Type

For smoother rides, pneumatic, inflatable tires are best. However, many models are sold with standard rubber wheels. If you see a scooter you like with wheels, ask whether the scooter can also handle inflatable tires.

Folding or Storage Capabilities

When you're not using it, the scooter should be foldable or easily stored. When going into a truck or car, your scooter should be able to fit in the trunk. Visit scooter dealers and try to fold scooters and check their fit in your trunk before ever purchasing one. Ultimately you'll locate a scooter that fits easily into your vehicle and is easy to fold.

Weight Limits

Mobility scooter selection is a time to be honest about your weight. Don't choose according to what weight you wish you were; consider your current weight and assume you may weigh even more during your scooter ownership. Every scooter has a weight limit, so ask about those limits and pick one accordingly.

Seat Comfort

Your back and other muscle groups need to be comfortable in the scooter. Sit on multiple scooters so you know what materials feel best and support your body most.

Consider these scooter issues while your search continues. Retailers, current owners and relatives might be able to help you with this buying decision so your scooter is ultimately functional, helpful and functional.