4 Tricks To Soothing Your Cranky Newborn

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As a first-time parent, it can be exciting to hear your baby crying for the first time. Over the next few days and weeks, though, it can be pretty overwhelming. When your baby cries and you are unable to calm her down, you will not only be concerned, but you may also become a little frustrated. As a general rule, your baby is crying because she is soiled, hungry or tired, and she needs your help. However, sometimes, it isn't so easy to get her to stop crying. There are some techniques that you can try to get your newborn to calm down, including the following:

Trick #1: Get Her Moving

Since she spent nine months moving in Mom's stomach, she is used to moving around a lot. You can put her in your arms and rock her back and forth or sit in the rocking chair. You can also put her in a baby swing, as this will offer a very soothing and rhythmic motion. A good stroll around the block in the stroller may do the trick as well.

Trick #2: Swaddle Her

While in Mom's belly, she was tightly packed in the womb. So, she may just need to feel tight and secure. Grab a lightweight blanket and wrap her up in it. More often than not, she'll stop crying before you know it and sleep longer. If you have a sling, it can work as well.

Trick #3: Add Some Noise

Believe it or not, it is not quiet inside a pregnant stomach. Your baby hears a lot of noise, including stomach gurgling, your heartbeat, and more. So, silence is actually scary and your newborn may want some noise to help her feel safe. You can switch on a white noise CD, a fan, or simply sing to her.

Trick #4: Eliminate Her Gas

Sometimes your baby may have gas when she is so fussy. There is a myth that newborn smile when they have gas, and some babies will pull their legs up to their stomach and kick them back down. So, if you suspect that her fussiness is due to gas pain, you may want to put her on her back and bicycle her legs. You can also lay her flat on her stomach on your knees and rub her back gently. There are also infant gas drops available, but reach out to your doctor before simply purchasing them and giving them to your newborn.

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