Tips For Successful Arm Strength Training

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Whether you want to become the next American Ninja Warrior or just tone your arms so they look great, these tips will help you successfully strength train your arms:

Tip: Get More Repetitions by Working One Arm at a Time

Rather than working both of your arms at the same time using a long bar or weight machine, instead, use a handheld barbell and alternate arms. By doing repetitions on one side and then the other, your arm muscles will have a chance to rest up a bit. This brief rest allows you to do more repetitions on each arm than you could if you worked out both arms at the same time.

Tip: Vary Your Workouts and Don't Forget to Rest

While you may be excited about getting your arms into better shape, as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. You should not go all out at first or even day after day. Instead, vary your workouts where you work hard one day and lighter the next. Additionally, your muscle tissue needs time to rest and regenerate to prevent injuries. So, don't forget to take a day or two off each week so this can happen.

Tip: Work Each Arm the Same for Maximum Symmetry

As you do your strength training workouts, make sure you work each arm the same amount of time so they will stay symmetrical to each other. If you do more work with one arm than the other, then your muscle structure will look lopsided and you will find you have more strength in one arm than the other.

Tip: Work the Weakest Muscles in Your Arms First

To gain the most strength in your arm's weakest muscles, you should always exercise them at the very beginning of your workout session. By exercising them when you are rested, you can do the most work with the muscles needing the most improvement. If you wait until the end of your workout, then your arms will be fatigued and your weakest areas won't get the best workouts.

Tip: Work with a Certified Personal Trainer

Finally, you will get the best results from your arm strengthening workouts if you work with a certified personal trainer. A personal trainer will instruct you on the proper exercise techniques to prevent injuries and they will also show you unique ways to strengthen even your most stubborn arm muscles.