A Basic Overview Of Cryotherapy

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Recovering from a very intense workout or an injury can be extremely time consuming. All types of athletes have used ice for as long as sports have been around, since it is good at reducing swelling, and it can also help with pain. With the advancement of technology, a new type of therapy has been developed. The new type of therapy is called cryotherapy and involves being exposed to the cold. Cryotherapy can be used for many different issues: athletic-related pain, post-surgery pain, chronic pain, and stress-related pain. This article is going to outline how cryotherapy works and discuss some of the benefits.

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

There are a few different types of cryotherapy that can be used. The first type of cryotherapy is whole body therapy. This involves going into a cryo-chamber and being exposed to negative two-hundred degree Fahrenheit for a short amount of time. This treatment will take place in what is called an electric-cooled cryo-chamber. Usually the exposure lasts a minute and a half to three minutes. The other type of cryotherapy is partial body exposure to liquid nitrogen. This allows for a specific area to be stimulated by the cold air and is especially used for sports injuries. 

Why Does Cryotherapy Work?

It may seem a little bit strange that being exposed to subzero temperatures could be beneficial, but cryotherapy truly does work. One of the main reasons that cryotherapy is so helpful is that the body starts to rush blood to your core. The increase in blood flow to the body's core helps with circulation and can actually significantly stimulate the central nervous system. The result is a decrease in physical pain and a very refreshed feeling.

So What Can You Expect From A Cryotherapy Session?

This might be one of the most important questions that you can ask. You can talk with a professional, like Ice Cryo, for more information. If you decide that you could benefit from cryotherapy, you need to know what to expect. Men usually wear a pair of shorts, while women will wear a sports bra and shorts. You need to remember you are going to be in subzero temperatures, and frostbite can be a serious issue. Do not touch anything while you are in the chamber because that can cause frostbite. You will be provided with a locker room to change into your shorts and to change back afterwards. A session of a minute to three minutes could be just what you are looking for.