The Skinny On Cellulite For Thin Women

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All your life you've been praised for being skinny--until now, as an adult, you notice the beginning signs of cellulite. These fat deposits present a new problem that makes swimsuit season less than thrilling. Fortunately, once you know the causes of cellulite, you can more readily arrive at solutions. 


First things first, don't beat yourself up or call yourself fat. People of all shapes and sizes can get cellulite. In fact, it's genetic, so your parents may have passed this trait on to you. Also, women are more likely to have cellulite than men.

Additionally, your metabolism may be slowing down at a certain stage of life. Not getting enough physical exercise can cause fat to creep in. A poor diet or a fad diet can add to this issue. Even not getting enough water may contribute to cellulite.

Keep in mind other factors often overseen. Hormonal changes and the thickness of your skin are things you cannot control, yet they may lead to cellulite.


Fortunately, you can keep cellulite at bay by applying these few tricks:

Hydrating: Since dehydration leads to cellulite, it makes sense that consuming water will abate this issue. Hydration is recommended because it fleshes out the skin and minimizes dimples, making your skin nice and smooth. Plus, drinking water is a great way to flush out the toxins in your body.

Eating: Along that same vein, make sure you're eating right. Beware of processed and artificial foods that have additives and chemicals. High-fat foods and dairy are generally not your friend when it comes to cellulite. Avoid foods rich in sodium and sugar since salt makes the body hold in fluid while sugar bulks up fat cells.  

Moving: As you know, exercise is crucial to staying thin. If you're naturally thin, you may have gotten by without working out. Change that attitude and get moving!

You may notice that your fat deposits are in areas of your body that don't do a lot of moving, like the glutes, upper thighs, and stomach. Target these areas so you can build up muscle, which will break up the fat deposits. 

Dry Brushing and Applying Creams: After exercising, which will warm up your muscles, apply some cellulite creams to your skin for best results. Seek out ingredients centella asiatica (improves elasticity), gingko bilboa (improves blood circulation), and methyl nicotinate (helps lessen fluids retained). You may also apply tanning lotion to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It's also wise to do some dry brushing, perhaps with an exfoliating loofah or a dry body brush. When you rub towards the direction of your heart, the fat deposits will be more evenly distributed. It will also remove dead skin cells and allow toxins to be released more easily.

Don't despair if you see cellulite on your once smooth skin. Take this as a new challenge to be healthy and get that look you want by applying these tips!

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